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Gifts to ECAD’s Capital Campaign have an impact on every aspect of our mission to enable people with disabilities to gain greater independence and mobility through the use of specially educated dogs. It is with sincere gratitude that we list our donors, whose continued generosity helps us thrive and ensures a secure future to pursue our goal to place more dogs with more people living with disabilities.



“Your generous donations make it possible for ECAD to change lives . . .
four paws at a time!”— Lu and Dale Picard, Co-Founders

Leadership Gifts

$500,000 or more
The Annenberg Foundation

$100,000 or more  $75,000 or more  $30,000 or more 
Janet and Benjamin Cheever Gould Family Foundation  The Lucille and Paul Maslin Foundation
The Draper Foundation Fund, a fund of  Jeanne* and Raymond Roberts  
the Northwest Connecticut Community  Stamm/Woodruff Charitable Gift Fund  
Bonnie* and Clifford Eisler and Family     
$10,000 or more  $5,000 or more  Generous In-Kind Contributions
Borghesi Building & Engineering Co., Inc.  ACME Lift Company, LLC—Livecam video streams 
The Grainger Foundation Elena Alvarez-Berger*  Frederick Johnson^—IT systems 
Fritz and Adelaide Kauffman Foundation ARI - Automotive Resources International Janet Marlow—Pet Acoustics system  
 Quinn Family Foundation Bridgestone Americas, Inc.  Travelers Insurance—Furnishings 
 Valew Truck Bodies Dominion Equipment Parts, LLC   
  Barbara Hayward+   
  Hilti, Inc.  
  Barbara Jenkel  
  Kobelco Construction Machinery  
  U.S.A., Inc.  
  Tag Manufacturing, Inc.   
  Heather++ and Ray^ Turri  
  Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc.  
$1000 or more  $500 or more  $250 or more 
Carol Becker Diane Bonita Jeanne Birdsall and William Diehl
Gwenn Duhon Geralyn Brand Madeleine Birnbaum
William Eichner Joanne Massaro Gwyn++ and Tony* Charles
Anne and James Hoenig^ William Morton^ Cathy Devons
Industrial Info Claudia O'Hara-Sacco Kathleen Forte^
Interstate Batteries Lu and Dale Picard+ Dr. Jeannine Jennette
Gregory Kolodziejczyk* Pierrette Pillone Tracy Meltzer*
Vera Paisner   Gayle Moraski
David Post   Monica Panzani
Suzanne Simpson   Carrie Picard+
Sgt. Maj. Hector Torres^   Weiss Law Group, PLLC
Wirtgen America, Inc.   Deborah Woodworth
$100 or more  $50 or more  $ Other Contributions
Sibel Bessim  Anonymous (2)  Anonymous (9)
Anita Campana++ Justin Carbonneau Taylor Adkins+
Pamela J. Champeau Compass Key—David Burry Kelsey Albee+
Hayes Dansky Kristin Eggleston Linda Arwood
Danielle Desantis Peggy Fisher Kathy Bottass+
Linda and Don Dietz Sheila Guinther Brenda Bowers
Tiena Ellis+ Geoff Hoyt Elizabeth Carmack
Pam Fogt Erica Kasper+ Jackie Creager
Dorothy and Thomas* Griffen Leslie Pihonak+ Francesca Dal Savio
John Johnson Robert Wang Mary Anne Driscoll
Kathleen Keegan Leni and Burton Welte Shirley Ferrara
Thomas Leissi Lisa Whittlesey Heather Field
Michael Levine   Edward Fischetti
Mary Jane Lux   Vicki Fredle
M & M Landscaping Inc.— Melissa Wisdom   Robert Freedman
Linda Mazzeo+   Jeanne Gade
Marleen Mahon   James Giger
Sean Mccaffrey   Michelle Goldman
Steve Monkiewicz   Maire Guggenheim
Robert Motzkin   Mary Beth Hewitt
Erica Newman   Constance Hopkins
Aline Pelkey   Jeanne Jones++
Anne Price   Darby Kelly
Richards Family Charitable Foundation   Therese Leafstedt
Barbara and Marc Rowin   Valerie LaBella
Wendy and Rachel Traub   Rosemary Marburger
Diane Valigorsky   Lee Marcella+
    Janet Marlow
    Brooke Maxwell
    Elizabeth Menear
    Karen Mier
    Judy and Warren Noon
    Linda Peters
    Wendy Purves
    Ricki and Alan Schwimmer
    Lynn Marie Steinmayer
    Linda Stuchlik
    Rachelle Talbot+
    Gail Valigorsky
    Cynthia Valley
    Melissa Walsh+
    Carol Whitener
    Tina Young

Key: *Graduate    +Staff    ++Volunteer    ^Board of Directors

Please Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information and the correct spelling of names. If any inadvertent errors have occurred, please contact the ECAD office at (860) 489-6550. Listings include gifts and pledges received through March 6, 2019.