Train the Trainer

ECAD offers a six-week course in which people interested in becoming Service Dog trainers can come learn how to start a career in the Assistance Dog field. Classes meet five to six days per week, plus trainees will be responsible for kennel management and wow it's great one dog they must care for and train 7 days/week. Throughout the trainees' experience, they will have many opportunities to work with our teen trainers in the ECADemy© program. 

Through lectures, hands-on classes, and field trips, students will learn techniques and methodology to prepare them to train dogs to assist people with disabilities. Workshops include development, socialization and basic training skills for puppies, intermediate, and advanced dogs. The last two weeks will include Team Training for several clients, during which the students will learn basic client and dog matching. Trainees will also prepare lectures and organize activities for training clients. 

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