Every smile and every happy tail is due to your generosity. 

You make it all possible.


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And you can see those tails wag TWICE as hard... if you take advantage of our 2-to-1 match TODAY! 

Your gifts this year have granted independence to more than 20 people all over the country, and have placed more Facility Dogs then ever that will service thousands of people each year.  

You’ve done so much good this year, thank you.

As 2018 comes to a close, you should know just how much of an impact your contributions make in the lives of the people placed with ECAD Service Dogs.  Impact so great, the Bonannos--dedicated supporters AND Clients, want to help you continue to help others by matching every donation up to $10,000!

That means your generous gift can go that much farther toward helping people who are looking for the mobility and independence an ECAD Service Dog can provide. 

Philip Bonanno was fourteen years old when he arrived at ECAD for Team Training and had been already living with rheumatoid arthritis and vertigo for some time.  He lived with periods of imbalance, migraine pain, hospitalizations and persistent discomfort. There were many days one of his parents had to accompany him to school to help him walk the hallways.  Not only were his symptoms painful but, isolating. Philip and his family were looking for relief.

You provided that relief!

Enter Prancer.  A black lab, educated especially for Philip’s needs.  Service Dog Prancer, fitted with her harness, allows Philip to not only relieve his symptoms but gives him the opportunity and independence to interact with and, develop alongside his peers.  Philip now has a dedicated teammate to motivate him to keep going, even when he’s ready to give up. Prancer has accompanied Philip to debate competitions, Broadway shows and, countless other places--places Philip would have struggled to go without Service Dog Prancer, and your support.

“Looking back, we can’t thank you and ECAD enough for providing Philip with the opportunity to engage independently in the normal ups and downs of teenage life both inside and outside of the classroom. “  - Jennifer Bonanno, Philip [and Prancer’s] mom 

Your generosity made the difference in Philip’s life.  And, that of his family. So much so, that they want to help you DOUBLE your impact and make it possible for even more people to experience the independence and freedom Philip has with Prancer by his side. Independence and freedom that can reach many more people when you support ECAD today.


Philip Prancer Walking Halls


Because of you Philip can go to school and walk the halls on his own.

Because of you Philip can have sleepovers like his peers.

Because of you Philip gets the independence he deserves.

Because of you Philip has Prancer.  

Living with a disability no longer has to mean living a life of restrictions thanks to you and supporters like you. Your support places Service Dogs like Prancer with people who are seeking to live a more full life regardless of their physical limitations or decreased mobility.  People like Philip, who will now get to live life with the independence they craved for so long. Independence Philip now demands because pillars of charity like you have made it possible for him to do so. 

“We are thrilled at what a great team Philip and Prancer have become.  Prancer provides Philip with balance and assists with mobility, which allows Philip the independence to navigate his high school and to engage with his peers.  P-squared, as they are affectionately known, cannot be stopped!”


Every dollar you give today until December 31st will be doubled.  That means every one of the dollars you contribute will go two times farther! 

Your gift of $100 becomes $200… 

Your gift of  $50 becomes $100…

Your gift of $25 becomes $50. 

Your contribution today has the potential to do TWICE as much good.  Donate now to maximize the impact of your gift and make more stories like the Bonannos’ a reality.  More stories of hope, hard work, resilience and independence made possible by YOU.

Give today to provide hope for people living with disabilities. Hope that, one day--with your help, they will be a success story like Philip and Prancer. Doubling your support now doesn’t just open doors for the xx people on the waiting list.  It provides an option for all those searching for a solution to a life of limited mobility and independence.  

As 2018 comes to an end, give one more time for those among you who deserve independence, won’t you? Your gift gets DOUBLED until December 31st!


Philip Kissing Prancer Edited