The impact of COVID-19 is threatening the very existence of ECAD services.
Only with your help do I have any chance of avoiding cuts in the next couple of weeks.
Please rush $25 to me, Dale Picard, by May 10th

Dear Friend,

     This is the most important letter I have ever written.

     I really hope you are well, safe and have plans for the lockdown. My team and I wish you the best.

     I never thought I’d have to write something like this for you but ECAD is facing an unprecedented financial crisis which is forcing to me to make decisions I never imagined we would ever face.

     Decisions that will affect the lives of people living with disabilities.

     The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unimaginable impact on our services and our ability to raise funds.

     Again, I hope that you, your family and friends are as safe as possible right now and thank you for taking the time to read this. I wouldn’t be writing to you right now if this weren’t so important.

     I really need your help, Friend. I know you really care about people living with disability, their independence and the smart dogs that help them because you have generously made that possible in the past.  Thank you. But I need you more than ever right now. 

     Please, would you join me by making your most generous gift ever to help my team and I get ECAD through this global crisis?

     Please donate $25, $50, or even an incredibly generous $75 before May 10, 2020.

     Right now, it looks like I may have to make some cuts to programming. Volunteers and staff are working hard to prevent this. We are already cutting expenditure not directly related to our continuing ability to provide services however, it’s very difficult.

     We are in the process of eliminating our face-to-face fundraising as I write to you.  Our street fundraisers are seeing less foot traffic and with the increasing bans and restrictions are being forced to stop altogether.  This will devastate fundraising efforts for the future.

     But without extra income, I can see the cuts we are making won’t be enough.

     I need to raise $50,000 before May 10th. I know this seems a lot – and it is – but my experience is that the best chance I have of reaching this target is with donations of $25, $50 and $75.

     I have an important meeting with the board of ECAD and key staff on May 13th. In that meeting we will have a good, hard look at our income, our funding strategy and our financial position.

     I must make the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make. Decisions that will directly affect our ability to help people living with disabilities.

     Please, visit to complete the short form with a donation of $25, $50 or $75.

     You may recall the story of five year old Leo.  A little boy living with autism who is in desperate need of a Service Dog.  His family wants nothing more than for him to live a life of safety and independence.  Leo has been known to “bolt” or wander.  He’s an extremely innovative little guy! 

     Leo’s family wants him to be able to use all his energy and creativity—AND STAY SAFE.  They want Leo to have an opportunity for a fulfilled life.

     A life like other little boys his age…

     A life without the fear of losing him looming over his family…

     A life he and all people living with disabilities deserve.

     I promise you Friend I will do everything in my power to save as many services as possible, to serve kids like Leo and their families.

     I need donations by May 10th. If you intend to make a gift but won't be able to meet that date, then please let me know you will be sending one later by calling me on (860) 489-6550 or email so that we can tell the team your donation will be coming a little later. Knowing this will help when I am working on the finances.

     I promise to make your donation count and commit to updating you on how we spend any extra funds raised as well as keeping you informed on what is happening as you help pull ECAD through this crisis.

     Thank you for reading this. On behalf of the Clients, volunteers, friends and family, staff and dogs at ECAD, I wish you well, and we all send our love and gratitude.



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Dale Picard
Top Dog

PS Please Friend, I’ve never had to write a letter quite like this before. As I write this, I still can’t believe the situation we are in. At the May 13th meeting I may have to make the toughest decisions of my life.

But with your help, those decisions could be much easier, and the outcome much rosier for people living with disabilities. 

Please help me and my Team to keep services up and running right now by grabbing a pen, filling in the enclosed form and posting it along with a donation of $25, $50, even an extra special gift of $75, by May 10th. Thank you. 

PPS If you have respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties please call your doctor immediately.

If you need any information or help about COVID-19 please visit

If you are feeling anxious or lonely please call MHA HelpLine on 1-800-273-8255 24 hours.