Every month, thousands of people Google "how to get a Service Dog." We created this infographic to answer the question! ECAD provides people with disabilities with Service Dogs through our simple 5 step process.

Infographic_Aquiring a Service Dog_2018.png


Step 1: Inquire and Apply

People interested in learning how to get a Service Dog inquire by completing the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, which allows ECAD to confirm that we can serve your specific situation and needs. If you qualify, you will be invited to complete the online application. If accepted applicants will be reuired to provide a series of documents. 


Step 2: Interview

Once the applicant has submitted all required documents, an interview will be scheduled for a meet and greet with the dogs at the ECAD Campus in Torrington, CT. Following the interview, the applicant will be notified of acceptance status. If accepted, the applicant will be required to provide a non-refundable commitment fee to become a candidate. 


Step 3: Candidate

Candidates, along with ECAD's support team, use the 12 to 18 month waiting period to secure the appropriate funds needed to attend the 13-day Team Training. The ECAD team will be busy too, identifiying and educating a Service Dog that will suit the candidate's particular needs. 


Step 4: Client

With the necessary funds secure and the ECAD team confident we have a Service Dog that will meet the candidate's needs, the candidate is invited to Team Training and becomes a client. 


Step 5: Team Training 

Each client attends a 13-day Team Training at ECAD's Torrington, CT campus. There, clients will be paired with their future Service Dog. The team will prepare for the Public Access Test which accesses the safety of the client, dog and public. 


The end is really the beginning for successful clients and dogs who reach the final phase, becoming graduates. ECAD is committed to the success of the Team and requires an annual Public Access recertification for a minimum of two years post-graduation. We also provide ongoing support for the duration of the partnership.