home for the weekend

Home for the Weekend is a great way for you and your family to be part of the miraculous process of turning tiny puppies into confident and mature Service Dogs.

Training provided:

Volunteer Handler start by attending training classes. It's important that what you do at home is the same as what we teach the dogs on campus. Over the two- day training seminar you will learn ECAD's rules, procedures, and training methods.

Pick up and drop off:

You can pick up our dogs from campus (on the Torrington/Winchester town line in Connecticut) and provide a safe and loving home for the dog on weekends and holidays. For non-holiday weekends, pick up are on Friday afternoons and drop offs are on Sunday late-afternoon/evenings. This schedule allows for the dog to spend time with you and your family, giving them time to acclimate and you time to enjoy them. 

To apply: 

Fill out the online application form.