WHO WHAT WHEN HOW: The basics, or so it would seem

Sometimes the simplest questions can provoke the most complex thought processes and lead to complex answers. ECAD has been experiencing this exercise as it develops new collateral material. What really defines ECAD, and what it accomplishes? The mission statement is straightforward – to educate and place Service Dogs with people with disabilities to lead lives with more independence and mobility. Herein lays the challenge, as each of those words deserves its own chapter in a very long book.

Additionally, there are ECAD’s Programs: Project HEAL, Canine Magic, and ECADemy, along with the populations served and the successful placement year after year of dogs that are bred for their temperament and work ethic.

We came to the conclusion that:

  • ECAD is best defined by the IMPACT felt by so many as it focuses on the benefits of the human-canine bond as it fulfills its mission.
  • The IMPACT of ECAD is limitless through the positive change it brings to the families of the Graduates, the communities in which the Student Instructors live, and the Service Dogs who will give and receive love from the people they are helping every day.
  • Like the proverbial stone thrown into the water, the IMPACT of ECAD’s dedication continues to extend out, touching more and more lives.

Moreover, this is just the beginning.

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