There are many ways you can be a part of the miraculous process of turning tiny puppies into confident and mature Service Dogs. Of course, you don't have to be a dog handler at all to help. Do you enjoy organizing and promoting events, asking for gift donations, writing grants, graphic design, or just helping out? ECAD has volunteer opportunities for you too.

Canine Volunteer Opportunities

HOME for the Weekend Program: 

Love dogs, but too busy to be a full-time dog owner? Not sure if a dog is right for your family? Then the Home for the Weekend Program is right for you! ECAD offers a unique opportunity where you are able to take a dog home on a part time basis. For ECAD, you help us teach the dog proper house manners, socialize the dogs to new surroundings, and reinforce basic obedience skills.

Nursery Team Homes 

When the puppies are 8 weeks old, they are ready to venture off to their nursery families. These are amazing volunteers who open their homes, their lives and their hearts to helping these puppies become the Service Dogs they are meant to be.

Canine Grooming & Excersising




Youth Volunteers

Do you love dogs and being around them? Do you want to see people in need of a Service Dog receive the well-trained dog they deserve? Then the Youth Volunteer Program may be right for you! Here at ECAD, we need volunteers to help us care for our dogs and facilities where we house and train future Service Dogs. 

Experience & Expertise

  • Drive the ECAD bus for community events or training field trips with clients and/or student trainers. 
  • Help out with client-based events such as Team Training and Graduation. Needs include preparing rooms for clients' arrival, organizing a welcome breakfast or lunch, creating and sending out graduation invitations, decorating, or organizing a graduation dinner.
  • Obtaining financial donations or gifts-in-kind from individuals, groups, or businesses.
  • Facility Improvements are always appreciated at our training centers. Needs include covered outdoor runs, wheelchair friendly landscaping, storage facilities, paving, etc. Some projects will also require volunteers to raise funds or obtain supplies through donations.
  • Internet guru/ Database specialists.
ECAD IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Connecticut State Law prohibits discrimination because of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, disabilities, marital status, arrest records. ECAD reserves the right to refuse any volunteer.