Facility Dogs are specially trained Service Dogs that work with a volunteer or professional who is trained by a program. The work of a facility dog can include visitations or professional therapy in one or more locations. Public access is permitted only when the dog and handler, who is a trained volunteer or professional, is directly working with a client with a disability. Our Facility Dogs, who can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, courthouses, etc., have helped thousands of distressed individuals.
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What is a Facility Service Dog?

A Facility Dog is an Assistance Dog that is trained to work for an organization to assist many adults and/or children within the organization. These dogs, coupled with trained human handlers, enhance the quality of life for the people utilizing the services provided by the organization. They respond to specialty cues at the direction of their handler and must have a calm disposition and the ability to stay polite in different environments and situations.

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How do Facility Dogs Help? 

  • Facility dogs can be a tremendous help for organizations in the healthcare, educational and other environments.
  • Patients in clinics or children’s hospitals enjoy feeding, grooming, walking and playing with these well-trained dogs as well as performing therapeutic exercises with them. These activities encourage patients and can be a significant help to their rehabilitation.
  • The educational system is another valuable setting for a facility dog.  Children love playing and/or cuddling with a skilled and well-behaved dog, and it can help bring comfort to stressful situations in school while facilitating a variety of learning activities.
  • In courthouses, a Facility Dog is a professionally trained Assistance Dog, suitable for providing quiet companionship to vulnerable individuals in legal settings without causing any disruption of the proceedings.
  • Read more about how Facility Dogs can lend a paw in this blog post.

Is a Facility Dog Right for My Organization?

A Facility Dog might be just the right fit for your organization to provide wonderful benefits for your constituents. Here are some tips to help you know if your organization would be a good fit for a facility dog:

  • You work with individuals with disabilities or who are recovering from traumatic events, or who may be going through a difficult transition or healing process.
  • You are willing to participate in any training required by ECAD.
  • You can demonstrate that your facility would be able to provide an environment friendly to a Facility Dog.
  • You can provide a primary handler, a person who the dog would live with.
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The ECAD Difference & Process

ECAD is an Assistance Dogs International certified trainer of dedicated Service Dogs that support their human counterparts in a wide variety of situations. ECAD has trained and placed hundreds of Assistance Dogs, including many to facilities just like yours. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits a Facility Dog can have for your organization or Apply for a Facility Dog Here!

Curious what the process of getting a Service Dog looks like in general? Check out our infographic: Acquiring a Service Dog.