Your Gift Matters!

Your gift matters to families like Rachel and Adrian - “Adrian has no concept of danger,” Rachel said. “And Beau seems to know when Adrian is going to bolt, and he braces himself and catches Adrian up short. Just the other night, on Halloween - when we were out ‘trunk or treating’  - Adrian was holding my hand and not tethered to Beau. There was a body of water nearby and Adrian darted toward it. I didn’t see it but Beau did and he went right after Adrian and held him back. I could never have run that fast.”

Your gift matters to Veterans like Tony - " In 2014, I attended ECAD’s Team Training and was paired with Dozer. We bonded quickly. On the fifth day of Team Training, he woke me from a nightmare with a chest pump, he turned on the lights, and he opened the door to ease my anxiety. Dozer is my teammate, my partner. He is my guardian angel who, literally and figuratively, has saved my life. Five years ago, I couldn’t go into a mall in my hometown—this past June, my wife Gwyn, Dozer, and I flew to Italy for two weeks."

Your gift matters to all those who are waiting for their independence to begin, who will need a second, third or fourth Service Dog, and who have already received a Service Dog.

When you give to ECAD you:

  • Give deserving people an opportunity to break free of a life of restrictions and limitations!
  • Help those living with disabilities in your community have a shot at independence!
  • Succeed at providing comfort, stability, confidence and a partner for a lifetime of self-sufficiency through the use of specially educated dogs!


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