ECAD’s breeding program is specifically designed for the purpose of the dogs to be Assistant Dogs. There are rare and specific instances when our Service Dogs-in-Training may not be a good match for the type of service work that is needed by our clients. In the event that a dog has been “disqualified” from Assistance Dog work, we still want to provide it the love and care it deserves. These “Release Dogs” make great pets and companions for the right households. If you are interested in adopting a Release Dog please click the link below to access the application.

 Why would a dog be released?

  • Medical reasons: Unsatisfactory hip x-ray or eye exam, allergies, etc.
  • Behavioral reasons: high energy/activity level, incompatible with other animals, assertiveness, unable to handle stress, inappropriate barking, not suitable for homes with children, fearful in public, and/or unable to adjust to change, etc.

 How much does it cost to adopt an ECAD release dog?

  • The price of a release dog is determined based on the age, amount of training received, and medical cost incurred by the organization. All dogs released from ECAD have been spayed/neutered, had their hips certified, received all their preventatives and vaccines, and have learned basic obedience skills. The fee helps ECAD to recover some the monies invested into a dog that will not be placed with a person living with a disability.

 If you are interested in adopting a Release Dog please click here to access the application.