When US Air Force Veteran Brian Greenleaf, applied for an ECAD Service Dog several years ago, he needed assistance for both his physical problems, namely MS, and the emotional effects of PTSD.

Brian suffered debilitating flashbacks and nightmares, and struggled with balance and gait issues, falls, and other symptoms of his MS and PTSD--EVERYDAY.

Hard to imagine a life without independence or mobility, isn't it?

But Brian refused to accept a "less than" life--and YOU were there to help him so he didn't have to!

He and Service Dog Passion (lovingly nicknamed Pash) were paired in 2018. And, according to Brian, his Pash has exceeded all his expectations.

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Where Brian was once a “stay at home” due to his fear of falling coupled with a fear of crowds, he and Passion go everywhere, meeting new people that Brian actually converses with – something he never did before.

“Strangers will walk up to me to say what a beautiful dog Pash is and I don’t back away like I might have done before. I really enjoy talking about him and telling them about the things he can do for me," says Brian.

And it's not just Passion who's made that difference...it's YOU.

Brian reports that he has no feeling in his hands and is forever dropping things. Passion is quite adept at picking things up, even something as slight as a credit card!

“Pash and I do all the grocery shopping and at least five times I’ve dropped my card. He immediately picks it up with no difficulty right off the floor, and gives it to me which always amazes onlookers,” Brian said. “They are also amazed at how he knows the difference when I say, “turn right” or ‘turn left” to go into a particular aisle.”

To top off all the changes in Brian’s life since he has had a Service Dog, he has recently taken up kayaking!

“Pash has become sufficiently sturdy so that I can put some of my weight on him when I’m getting in and out of the kayak. I’ve checked it out with the vet and he says it is okay,” Brian said. “And, of course, the minute I’m settled, Pash jumps right in at the other end. He likes kayaking, too.”


Before being paired with Service Dog Passion, Brian worried that he was becoming more sedentary. With Passion (and YOU) by his side, the two have a very active life out and about. A life that has made Brian’s PTSD recede far into the background.  Passion gets credit for that, too.

Passion and YOU.  

Your support has made all the difference for this Team, and so many others.  Thank you.

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