Following surgery for a brain tumor when Hailey was a little over seven years of age, she became paralyzed on the right side. From that point on Hailey could not walk without holding onto to someone else’s arm--usually her mom’s, would have difficulty standing on her own and would lose her balance when bending over to pick up dropped items.

This is a condition Hailey will live with for the rest of her life. 

Can you imaging being 21 years old, and having to hold your mother's hand when you walked, Friend?

Well that was Hailey's reality.

But Hailey was determined to live her best life.  

And thankfully ECAD supporters were there for Hailey!

And what an amazing team they are!

Service Dog Honor who is trained to ‘brace,” offering the support and stability Hailey needs to walk on her own, to be her own person, to make her own choices. He has given her the freedom be truly independent of others and to have a quality of life that neither Hailey nor or her family ever thought possible.

It's been two years since Hailey's life was forever changed. And Hailey has you to thank for that. 
“Before I had Honor, I didn’t want to go out at all. Now, with him by my side these past two years, I have the confidence to go anywhere I want to go,” said Hailey. “I can still lose my balance quite easily, but with Honor wearing a vest with a handle, I know I can grab that and keep myself upright.”
In addition to giving Hailey confidence to walk and go places on her own, Honor has also provided her with a sense of security, even in crowds.
 “I am really short and people tended to overlook me and walk into me. Crowds were challenging and frightening,” Hailey said.  “Honor makes me seem bigger and adds space, so people walk around us now and I know I’m going to be okay.”
With Honor by her side Hailey’s determination and new found independence, we will see her graduate from Manchester Community College this coming year with a degree in graphic design. 

Do you want to help people like Hailey live their best life?

Yes, I would like to make sure more people living with disabilities have an Assistance Dog like Honor!